Clay Basics

Why is my address of another city when I live in Clay?

A. The City of Clay does not have a mail delivery ZIP code. The Clay ZIP code is only for post office boxes at the Clay Post Office. Therefore, all mail delivered to Clay residences and businesses are routed through other post offices, such as Trussville, Pinson, Birmingham and Springville. The ZIP code reflects which post office the mail carrier is from. It has nothing to do with the city boundaries. The city has tried to change this situation many times and so far has been unsuccessful. Please note that we are applying for our own zip code in 2016.

Are the Clay schools city schools or county schools?

A. Clay Elementary, Chalkville Elementary, Clay-Chalkville Middle School and Clay-Chalkville High School are under the Jefferson County Board of Education. Although Clay residents attend those schools, they are not city schools. Clay Elementary, Clay-Chalkville Middle School and Clay-Chalkville High School are inside the city limits. In 2007, a movement to form a city school system failed when voters rejected the tax increase needed to reach that goal. Currently, the City of Clay has a school committee that makes recommendation on how the city government and residents can use their time, effort and money to enhance the local schools.

If I move into the city, what taxes are paid to the city?

A. Clay adopted a 5 mil property tax in 2014. This is in addition to the sales tax levied by Jefferson County and the State of Alabama. The total sales tax on retail purchases in the City of Clay is 10%. Franchise taxes on cable service and utilities, gas tax on gas purchased at stations inside the city limits and other taxes associated with automobile registration are an additional revenue source. The amount of these taxes is the same whether a person is in the city or not. The only difference is that this money comes to the city when a person lives in the City of Clay. The city also requires businesses to get a license. The amount is a minimum flat rate. A business with gross receipts over a set amount, which varies with each type of business, will pay a fee based on the gross receipts amount.

Why would someone want to live in Clay?

A. If you move to Clay, you will become part of a community. People in Clay care about each other and the future of their community. Through sports, schools and churches; friendships are made with people who get involved, mostly by volunteering their time. Much of the community-building activities center around family, as many families move to Clay to provide a wholesome environment for their children. Clay offers beautiful scenery with mountain views, many lakes and many parks. Clay residents also care for the environment, since the City has the unique privilege to be in the headwaters of sensitive watersheds: Cahaba River, Five Mile Creek, Turkey Creek and Canoe Creek. The city government has set a course to protect the city's natural assets and encourage business and residential growth that enhances Clay's quality of life and property values, not reduce it.