Live in the City of Clay

Clay's unique spirit reflects strong community bonds, caring parents and protection of the natural resources, including the beautiful mountain vistas. Chatting with friends at the Clay Post Office, cheering for their child at the ballpark or fishing at Cosby Lake Park are samples of the activities residents enjoy.

Climate - In the subtropics of the Southeast, Clay experiences three full seasons, with just a touch of snow in the winter. The mean temperature in January is 42 degrees, and July's is 79. Normal annual rainfall amount is 54 inches. March is the wettest month and August and October have the lowest rainfall totals.

Plant Life - Clay's climate provides bright autumn leaf colors and an explosion of flowering trees in the spring, including dogwood trees, redbuds, and cherry trees. As for flowering bushes, residents enjoy the azaleas and the wild blackberry blooms scattered along roadsides in the spring. The wild goldenrod brings some bright warmth to the open fields as temperatures fall in the autumn.

Animal Life - With much rural area, Clay's wildlife is abundant, including deer, coyote, bobcats and the hawks often seen sitting on power lines. The lakes in Clay make a great habitat for the fish, Canada geese and migrating birds.

Future - To ensure that Clay keeps these pleasant living conditions, the city adopted a Land Use Plan. Goals in that plan include pedestrian-friendly commercial centers, a variety of major parks, mini-parks and connections between residential areas.

Facilities / Amenities - In its infancy, the city's visionary leaders invested in the community's future by acquiring four park properties that include passive recreation, athletic use, fishing and community-gathering facilities. Additionally, mature Clay residents enjoy a popular senior activity center.