Schools and Community Links

Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce
The Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce works with the city government in promoting a positive image of the city and thriving business. They partner with the city in organizing the annual Clay May Days festival.

Clay-Chalkville High School
Clay-Chalkville High School serves all of Clay residents grades 9-12.

Clay-Chalkville Middle School
Clay-Chalkville Middle School serves all of Clay residents grades 5-8.

Clay Elementary
Most of Clay residents are in the Clay Elementary zone.

Chalkville Elementary
A small percentage of Clay's residents are zoned to Chalkville Elementary, which is located outside the City of Clay borders.

Jefferson County Board of Education
Clay Elementary, Chalkville Elementary, Clay-Chalkville Middle School and Clay-Chalkville High School, which all serve Clay residents, are part of the Jefferson County School System.

Jefferson County
The City of Clay is on the northeast corner of Jefferson County. Clay residents receive many services through the county government.

Jefferson County Library Cooperative
The Clay Public Library is part of this cooperative, expanding the services to city residents.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office